Volunteering has so many rewards for you and for others.

It can offer you the chance to learn new skills, use your existing skills to help others, develop new interests, add to your CV, meet new people and become active in bringing about social change.

The diverse nature of volunteering means everyone can get involved. You may be unemployed, retired, returning to work or wanting to gain experience for your CV. Perhaps you would like to devote some of your spare time to helping others or to put something back into the community.

Whatever your circumstances, volunteering is a fantastic way of building self confidence, developing your interpersonal skills and increasing your chances of employment.

We can help you get in touch with many types of community, voluntary or not-for-profit organisations such as those that deal with disability, culture and community, the environment, LGBT networks, counselling and advice as well as local and national charities and campaign groups. The diversity of volunteering opportunities is enormous.

Local Experiences

People are getting involved and volunteering in the Daventry District every day. Check out a few of their experiences below or find out how you can join them by visiting our Get Started page or browsing current opportunities.

“Volunteering was really rewarding and made me more self-aware and boosted my own self-esteem. I have met so many fantastic like-minded people from all walks of life. Volunteering also provides a good social life and you make lots of good friends. After a year of being a volunteer at Time2Talk, a paid post came up and I applied, and got the job!”
Julie’s experiences with Time2Talk

“The Centre clients love to have someone to talk to and to listen to them. I really enjoy being with them and listening to their stories. Some of them are very brave people and have coped with some very difficult situations over the years, and they are an inspiration to me.

You feel happy and sad as well, and you get back so much more than you give by volunteering.”

John’s Experiences at a local Day Centre