The Daventry District Time Bank: Sharing and exchanging volunteer skills

Daventry District Time Bank is a community mutual help scheme using the sharing and exchanging of volunteer skills. Through timebanking, volunteers are rewarded with “credits” for skills they donate to the Time Bank such as dog walking, babysitting, book keeping, gardening or DIY.

Once earned, these credits can be exchanged for skills of other Timebankers – perhaps for a little extra help, or to learn something new – or donated to others who need them.

Check out our video for more insight into how the Time Bank works. Timebanking really suits people with busy schedules, those looking to socialise more and also those with skills or time they wish to donate to help an individual.

The Daventry District Time Bank has been successful in involving those who don’t usually volunteer – so come give it a go!

You can find out more by getting in touch with the team at Daventry Volunteer Centre.