For Organisations

Daventry Volunteer Centre provides support and advocacy for voluntary and community groups in the area. We offer advice and assistance on issues of governance, voluntary group development, involving volunteers as well as volunteer recruitment and retention. We also identify and deliver relevant training opportunities and provide group and one-to-one support.

We produce newsletters for the voluntary sector and our latest additions are available online.

Please find below our Volunteering Toolkit and Good Practice Guide for local organisations.

Information on further organisations in the Daventry District can be found on our Local Contacts page.

Further support and advice is also available for voluntary groups in Northamptonshire from Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire and nationally at NCVO Knowhow.

Contributing to the local sector

We run a range of projects that add tremendous value to the local economy. For an insight into this, check out the infographic below. If you would like further information then do get in touch with us.

Funding Advice

Funding is the major issue for local voluntary and community sector groups and organisations. People want to know not only where to obtain funding but also how funding can be used and how to apply for it.

We help organise and promote the annual Funding Fair for voluntary and community groups in Northamptonshire. These events regularly attract between 20 and 30 funders and include information stands, presentation sessions and prize draws.

The 2019 Funding Fair was held at Towcester Forum, while 2020 was held online. For more information please contact SNVB on 01327 358264.

The 2018 Funding Fair at Towcester Racecourse

DVC has produced a Funding Advice Pack to help groups and organisations with all the basic questions about obtaining funding. The pack contains information about local statutory funders, as well as the major charitable Trusts and Foundations that have fund groups in this area. It also includes useful websites and information about how to set out a funding application and what information funders will be looking for. Contact us for your free copy. 

To complement this, please find some helpful fundraising and grant application tips from the Northamptonshire Community Foundation and SNVB in the following PDF presentations:

Hints and Tips on completing funding applications [PDF]

Smoothing the road to fundraising [PDF]

If you would like more in depth help with your funding issues, such as help with writing applications or completing an application please do get in touch.