Help to Work

Help to Work Project

Our Help to Work Project offers completely free, independent support for anyone aged over 18 who are looking to take their next steps towards employment.

Support is tailored for everyone’s circumstances, helping them to overcome any barriers they may face on their way back to work. The project is one of a range of Daventry Volunteer Centre projects with access to a wide range of volunteering opportunities that can help build confidence, get people involved in the local community, or experience a taste of what working in different job roles may be like.

As well as traditional support such as CV writing, job matching, writing job applications, sourcing training opportunities, assisting with technology solutions and transport help, the Help to Work project aims to take the stress away from job searching and make it a positive process.   So, whether you’re ready for your next job or are taking it slowly, we’re here to help!  We have had great success in helping people return to work from ill-health, caring responsibilities, and other significant life events.  

Get in Touch

We welcome any adult in the Daventry District who feels they could benefit from some additional one-to-one support to help them find paid work.

  • Are you 18+ years and finding it hard to find paid work?
  • Are you aged 50+, or looking to work past retirement age and feels your age holding you back?
  • Do you have a health conditions or disabilities that makes finding work frustrating?
  • Are you a Carer exploring returning or accessing work?
  • Do you have limited or no access to transport, or technology?

If this sounds like you and you have answered yes to any of the questions above, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you:


Telephone: 01327 300614 during office hours

07523 427 497 (WhatsApp)

Or alternatively you can complete the online form and we will be in touch:

Please tick all that apply
Please provide us with a little more info about your background and any other relevant information you wish. Don’t worry – if you can’t think of anything right now we can do this at a later stage.
More information can be found in our Privacy Policy at the foot of this page.


Would you like to get involved?

Searching for work can be a frustrating, daunting and lonely experience, especially for individuals who are facing some of the biggest barriers to paid employment. 

Partner with us to support employability within the community through volunteering with the Help to Work Project. We are looking for a wide range of volunteers to help support the project.

We believe that businesses and organisations within the community are a key partner in helping us support individuals back into work. We are actively seeking local businesses and organisations that would be interested in working with us to help individuals break down barriers and find paid employment. 

Support can include providing work experience placements, employment opportunities, internship or return-ship placements, training opportunities or the provision of workplace mentoring to individuals to help build their confidence. 

Alternatively could your employees offer time to help with mock interviewing or interview readiness support?

Telephone: 01327 300 614

Can you help support an individual on their path to finding work by providing mentorships, shared experiences, tips, or simply discussions about your own career experiences? Could you help with mock interviews? We are actively seeking volunteers who can support our project as we work with individuals facing barriers to finding paid employment. Please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.


Telephone: 01327 300 614