A visit of thanks from Chris Heaton-Harris MP.

Last week we were delighted to welcome our local MP, Chris Heaton-Harris down to our centre to meet a few of our fantastic volunteers. We are all so grateful to him for taking the time to show his support for the emergency help our volunteers have been providing the community. Chris spent some time talking with our volunteers, swapping stories and experiences of the situation so far and underlining how valued their efforts are to everyone.

We were also delighted that the Pharmacy Manager of Spackman & McKenzie’s was able to join for the morning of thanks. Their understanding and openness to involve volunteers to improve patient safety during this crisis has been a great help to our team and it has been a real pleasure to work with them so closely. As well as the Pharmacy Manager and Nicola Toms from DVC’s Happy@Home, Chris met our volunteers Shannon, Dan and Charlie – all pictured. We’ve mentioned how brilliant Dan is before, but Shannon and Charlie have been just as invaluable. Charlie has been a sea of calm, and has probably ‘done it all’ with us to help the local community (with very short notice at times!), while Shannon has been meeting and helping so many of her neighbours with prescription collections and food parcel drops from Daventry Food Bank, volunteering after her busy night shift at work.

No one thing will ever be able to provide enough thanks to all of our volunteers, but we hope the increasing recognition of their efforts is one small step.