Julie's Experiences
" I moved to Daventry in August in 1998 after completing a B.S.c(Hons) degree in Health Studies at the university of Sunderland. I had two school aged children and had been a mature student. I was applying for lots of jobs but really needed something to do, a purpose. I enrolled on a Basic Counselling course at Daventry Tertiary College and a friend suggested going to the Volunteer Centre to enquire about voluntary work.
Expectations - My perception of voluntary work was that I would be working in a charity shop. I had no idea of the extent of volunteering possibilities, nor of the commitment I would feel when I became a volunteer at Time2Talk . My session at Time2Talk began to become a priority over my paid job.
I also thought I would be accepted as a volunteer straight away, and I was taken a back when I was interviewed by two staff at Time2Talk and then told they would let me know if I had been accepted. It was like applying for a paid post!

Positive Experiences - Volunteering was really rewarding and made me more self-aware and boosted my own self-esteem. I have met so many fantastic like-minded people from all walks of life. The training was intense but excellent, and had the added benefit of meeting volunteers from other agencies across the county. Volunteering also provides a good social life and you make lots of good friends. After a year of being a volunteer at Time2 Talk, a paid post came up and I applied, and got the job. It was fantastic to be working for such a worthwhile organisation.
In October 2002 I completed a tandem skydive from 11,500ft. to raise money for Time2Talk so I still give up time for the agency!
I am also a volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust (a charity based in Cornwall) which provides a pet care service for elderly and terminally ill people."